Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

Connecting anyone 55+ to use their gifts and talents to impact our city

Our Purpose

We exist to help you find purpose. We want you to use your unique gifts and talents to make a difference in your community!

If you're 55+ we want to connect you to different locations throughout southern Indiana to make a difference in your community. You can choose when, where, and how often you serve.

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You can click the button below or give us a call.

If you're in Floyd, Harrison, or Clark county, contact Leann | 812.206.1800 | [email protected]

If you're in Scott or Jefferson county call Joel | 812.265.3950 | [email protected]

The Annual Impact

5 Counties

750+ Active Volunteers

80,000+ hours

Hours valued at over $3,000,000

What would I do as an RSVP Volunteer?

Here are some of the places you can serve

Soup Kitchens
Food pantries
Health Care Facilities
Animal Shelters
Thrift Shops
Phone calls to shut-ins

RSVP Events

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