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Resource Guides

Here is a list of resources in our community that we have been able to verify. Please email [email protected] or call 812-948-9248 if you become aware of resources that should be added or removed from this list.

Food Pantry

Our food pantry will remain open from 9 - 7pm Monday and 9am-3:15pm Tuesday-Friday. Our lobby is currently open for clients to walk in and request assistance. We are requiring anyone entering the building to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask we have them available inside for you.

Our pantry is for Floyd County Residents. In order to receive full service or produce and bread, clients are still required to provide a current proof of address and an ID for each member of the household.

We are doing what we can to keep our clients and volunteers safe while still providing a necessary service to our community during this time of great need.

If you need someone to pick up food for you, or you want to pickup food for someone else, click the 'Proxy Process' button below to learn how this works.

Emergency Services

If you are in need of assistance with paying your utilities or rent, call 812-948-9248 to see if you qualify for assistance.

How you can help

Here's a list of ways you can help serve the community with us.

Sign up to serve

If you are not a part of the at-risk population we could use your help. Please fill out the volunteer application below and someone will reach out to you soon to schedule a time to volunteer.

We are taking lots of precautions at our facility to keep volunteers, clients, and staff safe while still providing a needed service to the community. Please call ahead with any questions.

Hygiene Bags for Homeless

We understand that many of you have been purchasing hygiene and cleaning items to help keep your family healthy and safe. However, there is a group of people in our community who do not have access to these resources. The homeless population in our city is among the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. There is a need for hygiene kits to help make our homeless community less susceptible. You can drop these off at Hope Southern Indiana between 9 and 3:15PM Monday - Friday

Typical items found in a hygiene kit:
- 1 gallon ziploc bag (everything goes in the bag)
- 1 small bottle of hand sanitizer
- Pairs of Socks
- Wet wipes
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Kleenex pack
- Deodorant
- Lip balm
- Feminine hygiene products
- Mini shampoo/conditioner


Serve your neighbors

We all know someone who is directly affected by the current events. Our aim as a church is to provide both short and long term support for those impacted, so consider how you can serve the following:

Do you know an essential workforce family? (police, fire, medical, social work, etc.)
Do you know someone who is in the vulnerable population?
Do you know a family who is now struggling to find childcare?
Have you noticed how overworked the grocery store employees are?

- Be a listening ear, offer encouragement, or pray with them.
- Make their grocery or pharmacy run for them.
- Provide a gift card for meals or coffee.
- Make them a home-cooked meal.
- Offer free childcare for the family you know that now has to find something for their kids who are home due to school closures.
- Send them a note, make a thank you card, have your family help as well.
- Please don’t purchase more than what you need.
- Buy a gift card from a small business, to help them with income, and then use the gift card a few months from now.
- Reach out to a distant friend and reconnect.

You know your friends and how they will best receive help. This is where and how we can lean in best as a community. In the days, weeks, and months ahead they will need us to rally around them and support them in very tangible, personal ways.


Countless families in our community have lost their financial stability due to job loss and other issues because of COVID-19. We are seeking additional assistance to continue helping these families throughout the following months. Would you make a contribution to help low income individuals and families throughout southern Indiana?

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